Cocopeats Online Coco Peat Powder Cocopeat Powder 10 Kg
Cocopeats Online Coco Peat Powder Cocopeat Powder 10 Kg
Cocopeats Online Coco Peat Powder Cocopeat Powder 10 Kg

Cocopeat Powder 10 Kg

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Coir Pith or Coco Peat Low EC powder 10 Kg

Coco peat is a useful planting medium processed out of coconut fibre. Essentially a by-product of coir fibre extraction process, coco peat powder makes a wonderful medium for composting,seed germination, rooting, soil less farming and lot more. Its air filled porosity and high water holding capacity makes it an ideal growing medium for the plant crops.Coco peat, also known as coir pith, coir fibre pith, coir dust, or simply coir, is a by-product of de-fabricated coconut husks from Coir Industries. 


 Uses of coir pith Powder:

Used in Compost bins ,large scale soil less medium Horti Farms, Flower farms, Nurseries, Green Houses, Large farms.

Composting / Composting Toilets

Cocopeat powder 10 kg can be used in composting toilets and also in compost bins where dry coco peat powder is required. Block of cocopeat block will expand when mixed with water where as cocopeat powder will not expand and will stay dry. No need to break in to powders as it is already available as a cocopeat powder. 

As a potting mix:
Coir pith block can be used as potting medium. It can be mixed with required fertilizers and nutrients according to the type of plant to be grown.

For mushroom growers:
Coir pith blocks are being used by a lot of mushroom growers around the world for the large scale production of edible mushrooms.

As a soil supplement:
Re-hydrated coir block mixed with soil improves water holding capacity and aeration.

For generating seeds:
Coir dust in starter containers speeds up germination and profuse rooting of the seedlings.

For tissue cultured plants:
Wetted coir brick in poly bags encourages initial growth phase of tissue cultured plants and grafted seedlings.

For Animal bedding :                                                                                               Coco peat provides a good medium for animal bedding which helps the animal stay at best comfort levels and healthy. Coco peat avoids bad odors and prevents the reproduction of flies and mosquitoes by about 90%

Roles in garden soils:

1. Increased air porosity:
Coir being fibrous in nature holds many air pockets which helps the crops to root easily and profusely. This increases the surface area of root system thereby facilitating better absorption of nutrients from soil.

  1. Good water retention:
    Absorbs water rapidly and holds it for longer periods preventing desiccation of plants during hotter climates especially in tropical areas.
  2. Eco friendly component of soil:
    Coir amended soil combats bacterial and fungal infections. Coir has a plant origin and therefore 100% bio degradable. Periodical release of nutrients from coir helps to keep the soil rich for all seasons.
  3. Reduces irrigation frequency:
    Irrigation of coir-grown plants may be done at longer intervals as the moisture holding capability of coir is high. It can be reused for up to 5 years.

Cocopeat powder bag dimension


Unit Weight (± 5%)

10 Kg



Compression Ratio



5.5 to 6.5 ms / cm

Electro Conductivity

< 0.5 ms/cm (Low EC)


Doesn’t expand as it is pure Coco peat Powder

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