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Coir Pot 5 inches

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5 inch Coco Planting Pots/Baskets

Coir pots are made of natural Coconut fiber and rubber (rubberized to hold the pot together). They are produced for use in horticultural farms, flower gardens, greenhouses, and nurseries. Coir Pots are 100% Eco-friendly and transforms into organic matter on decomposing. The length 5 inch is the diameter of the pot from the top (right to left or vice versa) . It is not the height or bottom diameter of the pot.(please refer images for further information).

1. Pots remain stable above ground for a year and biodegrade in the soil after 2 − 3 months.
2. Pots add texture to the soil as they degrade.
3. Plants grown in these pots benefit from air pruning.
4. Plant roots will grow through the pot walls, encouraging a strong root system.
5. Absorbs water better.
6. Moderates moisture and increase microbial activity.
7. High tensile strength and lignin content.
8. Environmentally Sustainable.

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