Cocopeats Online Coir Liner Three in one Conical Set  5 inches

Three in one Conical Set 5 inches

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Coir hanging baskets

Coir hanging baskets are made from coir fibre blended with natural rubber. Coir hanging baskets are less in weight, makes them viable for internal gardening. Plants grow faster and healthily in coir baskets. We supply Coir made Hanging baskets for planting flowering plants that add décor and beauty to your home. As per the requirement of the customer, we customize our hanging baskets. These baskets are eco-friendly and lasts for long periods of time. Coir can absorb water at a rate of about seven times its dry weight, improving the water retention of your hanging basket.

1. Eco-friendly from Coco fibre.
2. Easily bio-degradable.
3. Used for growing indoor-outdoor small plants.
4. No water leakage, excess water will drain.
5. Air porous, induces healthy root growth.
6. High water retention when used along with coco peat.

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